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Lice Nitpicker?!? That Wasn’t In the Job Description!

As moms, we get to do all sorts of fun jobs for our kids, whether we are running them to soccer practice or wiping their little faces after a messy dinner. We do it with a smile because they are our kids. Some jobs are more fun than others. When your child is sent home with a letter from school saying a child in his class had head lice, I bet you never thought you would become an expert lice nitpicker!

As small as a poppy seed, and white in color, nits can be physically removed from the hair strand with a professional lice comb. Start with a natural lice killing shampoo, then get to those nits. A good lice comb will have fine teeth and be able to get at the nits, making you an expert lice nitpicker on top of everything else you do. Otherwise it’s always good to consult Head Lice Treatment and Removal Services in Los Angeles

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admin Dr. Elin Cohen is a board certified Pediatrician who has extensively researched and developed a safe and comprehensive method for treating head lice. Approaching the problem as both a mother of two, and a professional, she appreciates the concern that the product be not only effective but also gentle and non-toxic. You can find Dr. Goldberg on Google+

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